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Quick! Help the Knights lock the Monster out of the Castle before it gets in!

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About the Game

Lockout Monster is a cooperative board game where all players play together as a team against the Monster. Move the two knights around the board to collect the right combination of locks and keys and lock all the castle doors one by one before the Monster gets in to win the game.

Watch the how-to-play video for Lockout Monster here


who is it for?

  • are looking for re-playable and developmental games specially designed for children aged 5 to 13

  • want to engage your children in a fun yet meaningful way

  • want your kids to exercise important cognitive skills such as Planning, Short Term Memory, Decision Making & Logical Thinking

  • want to encourage Teamwork, Communication and Social Interaction in your kids

  • are looking for games where you need to wear your thinking hat too

Lockout Monster is perfect for you if you

primary skills Exercised

Lockout Monster Skills.png



Game Boards
6 Lock Tokens
6 Key Tokens
6 Gate Tokens
3 Monster Tokens
1 Monster Cutout
2 Play-Pieces
1 Custom Dice
1 Bridge Cutout
1 Castle Cutout

1 Rule Book

Lockout Monster Logo.png


Includes Taxes. Free Shipping

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