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Collect the treasure and run before the Shark gets to your boat!

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About the Game

Run Shark Run is a cooperative board game where all players play together as a team against the Shark. Choose and play your cards wisely to go around the board and collect the treasure before the Shark gets to your boat to win the game.

Watch the how-to-play video for Run Shark Run here

who is it for?

Run Shark Run is specially designed for children aged 5 to 13 to exercise important cognitive skills such as Planning, Spatial Awareness, Decision Making & Logical Thinking, and other necessary skills such as Teamwork, Communication and Social Interaction. This game is ideal for families and groups that are looking to engage kids in a fun yet meaningful way. Run Shark Run can be replayed any number of times, and even has multiple levels to challenge oneself. Not just kids, but the adults need to wear their thinking hats too.

Indian board game run shark run zvata

PRIMARY skills exercised

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Game Board Cutouts
13 Gem Tokens
2 Flipper Tokens
2 Block Tokens
1 Shark Token
1 Boat Cutout
4 Play-Pieces
32  Miniature Cards
1 Rule Book

Run Shark Run Logo.png


Includes Taxes. Free Shipping

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