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Practical Ways to Build a Tight Family Bond

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

In this agile world, every one of us is busy doing our own thing. Spending time with family has become a luxury, for when we do get some time, we end up spending most of that time on phones, TV, laptops, or Netflix. Family time is much needed since it not only strengthens the bond and brings one another closer, but can also be therapeutic and good for one’s state of mind. Finding quality time for family amidst busy schedules may seem challenging, but gets easier once we assess what our priorities are and must be.

A family sitting around in the same room with different gadgets has become a common sight in most households. We do not have to give up our gadgets, but it’s good to give them a break once in a while and look everyone in the eyes.

Hold real conversations. Share stories. A simple question such as “How was your day?” may lead to a whole lot of great conversations. Family conversations can be a great stress-buster. When we talk or share problems and feelings, we tend to feel better and more relaxed. Conversations can strengthen relationships, and can also teach valuable life lessons to the younger members of the family. Conversations also encourage positive behavior and bring a feeling of security.

Do chores together. Chores such as cooking or doing dishes together are known to be great at strengthening bonds and boosting the overall spirits of the household. They can also be therapeutic, and there is the bonus of the chores get done quickly too.

Go for a walk. It could be to a nearby park, beach, or even around your building. A peaceful walk together can really clear the minds and just bring a sense of togetherness, even when there are no words shared.

Plan an outing. Visit relatives, friends, or even a local attraction together. A change in scenery and routine can provide the much-needed break.

Play a board game. A board game can really de-stress us, tighten the family bond, and fill a room with laughter, conversations, and love. There are additional social and behavioral benefits of playing board games as well. Strategy games such as our very own Seekers of Astrod have been known to get the brain-wheels turning in adults, while kids also exercise life-skills such as decision making and problem solving. Shameless plug, yes, but true nevertheless!

Find a hobby together. Sit together and read. Paint together. Exercise together. Shop together. Fix broken things. It can be anything as long as it is done together as a family.

When we set our minds on it, the options are plenty. Make an effort. Make it simple. Most importantly, make it possible.

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