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Show your Brain some Love

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Keeping your body fit is important, and keeping your brain and mind healthy is as imperative. Our team has curated and listed some simple and fun ways to exercise your brain, most of which may even reduce the chances of developing brain and memory related issues by keeping your brain active.

Listen to music. Music stimulates the brain in a powerful and positive way because of our emotional connection to it. Research has shown music to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and stress. It also improves mental alertness, produces feel-good hormones, and improves brain memory.

Learn something new. Make it a habit of learning new things regularly since this will benefit your brain tremendously. It could be anything – a new language, a musical instrument, anything. Your brain’s algorithm changes and its learning capacity increases.

Give importance to your hobbies. Taking time and engaging in an activity can benefit your brain health. Having a hobby helps protect your brain from aging. Hobbies can range from playing with your pets or gardening, to even dancing or working out in the gym.

Play games. Games that includes physical activities improve brain alertness, while table-top board games improve the cognitive and decision-making part of the brain. Games can reduce stress, improve feel-good hormones, and reduce the risk of mental diseases.

Read and write. Reading has proven to improve both sides of the brain and enhance emphatic skills. It expands the reader's attention span, increases the capacity of working memory and increases brain connectivity. Meanwhile, the act of writing can reduce stress, improve focus and attention, encourage creative thinking, and increase memory and retention.

Eat a balanced diet. You read it right! The food we eat plays a prime role too in keeping our brains active. A balanced meal loaded with nutrients is important for brain function. Also, hydrating oneself with plenty of water regulates blood supplies to the brain and helps in keeping the brain healthy.

A brain is the control center of your body, so keeping it active is foremost. Do remember to show your brain some love!

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