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Board Game

A game of Deduction and Decision Making

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Imagination Gaming Seal_ Seekers of Astr

 Ages 8-99

Great for Kids, Teens, and Adults too


Easy to Learn,

Quick to Play

Playtime 15-45 mins

bond with family and friends

Players 2-4


About the Game

Seekers of Astrod is a Strategy Board Game set in the future where players are Seekers from various galaxies looking for the Planet that holds the miraculous element Astrod. The first one to solve the clues and find the correct Planet wins the game.

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Seekers of Astrod Solving Clues_300x300.

the mystery

Seekers of Astrod Launch Image.jpg

before others do

Seekers of Astrod Game Board_775x775.jpg
The two attached rotating boards can be spun to reset the game and play again. Each time you reset, Astrod goes to a different planet and the clues will be different.
The Booster has the power to detect Astrod. Players place it on any planet on the Board to verify the presence of Astrod in it.

Unique Re-Playability Mechanism

Magnetic Booster to Scan Astrod

cool Features

why KIDS love it

why parents love it

It's like a Treasure Hunt...

Players move around the Board to get Clues and Solve them to find Astrod.

Solving the clues as well as other game actions exercise multiple skills including Decision Making, Strategic Thinking and Logical Reasoning, and enhances Observation and Focus to a great extent.

Sharpens Cognitive Abilities Space...

What's more exciting than traveling around in the Future, that too in space? It does wonders to one's imagination and creativity.

...and its Super Fun

Unparalleled! Kids always want to play it again and again!

Improves Social Skills

Promotes teamwork, inclusion, empathy, conversations and communication.

Quality Time with Family & Friends 

Quality time with real people. A break from all kinds of screens - mobiles, TVs, laptops and tablets included.

Watch the how-to-play video for Seekers of Astrod here

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2   Rotatable Boards

2   Board Clips

4   Starting Tokens

4   Spaceship Play Pieces

1   Magnetic Booster

1   Launch Dice

2   Locks

4   Lab Shields

4   Reusable Findings


4   Dry-Erase Markers

1   Rule Book

1   Set of One Niska Coins

1   Set of Two Niska Coins

1   Deck of Cards

*Colours and contents may be subject to change

Seekers of Astrod Game Board Section Cen
Seekers of Astrod Game Board Section Rig
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M̶R̶P̶ ̶₹̶1̶89̶9̶

Now at ₹1599

Includes Taxes. Free Shipping


“It was quick and fun. The best part is the way in which the game is re-playable. You just spin the top ‘floating’ board (and the bottom board) around. It selects a new target planet and the clue spaces already match up to reveal clues on that specific planet.” 


—  Adam, Reviewer of new games for "Coaching for Geeks", United Kingdom

A lot of people have been asking around for the "Seekers of Astros game" or the "Seekers of Asteroid" - sorry that you did not reach us earlier because of getting the name wrong! Glad you reached us now!

Rule Book


Rules Video

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